We take in fewer dogs, this means lots of time in the field for your dog and for you if you can make the time. This means faster results for your dog in spite of a slower pace.

    We use a combination of pen-raised birds, but move on to wild birds as quickly as possible.

      This time in the field and the fact that we travel as needed to get our dogs on wild birds makes it hard to get a hold of us sometimes, but your call is important to us so please leave your name and number so we can call you back.

      We handle pointers, flushers and retrievers. We also usually have started and finished hunting dogs as well as puppies available.


Looking forward to spending time with you and your dog

Dawn cornell
and the staff at Mill creek farm




    The Kennels at Mill Creek Farm are a step back in time to a quieter, gentler time.  We are not about high speed or high tech but rather about dogs with depth that go with desire.  Dogs that enjoy the combination of man and dog as much as we do.